Jewelry Cleaning & Care

Jewelry Cleaning & Care

Recommendations for the care and maintenance of stone jewelry -
in order to be able to enjoy the piece for a long time, below is a list of recommendations:

  • When putting on a ring or removing it, make sure to hold onto the ring and not the stone, so that the stone does not move from its place.
  • It is recommended to remove the jewelry before washing hands (residues of soap may dim the shine), sports activities, housework and                                                                             cleaning, sleeping or showering.
  • Any jewelry must be removed before entering the sea water, pool or jacuzzi.
  • It is recommended to wear the jewelry after the make-up process, using perfume, hair spray and various creams. All of these can damage gold.
  • Always remember to wear the jewelry at the last minute before leaving the house to minimize exposure to these substances.
  • Pearls - due to their sensitivity, pearls should not be exposed to the following substances: perfume, hair spray, shampoo, sweat and makeup.   
  • Storage - each piece of jewelry must be stored separately in a sealed bag or in the box it came in, in order to prevent scratches.
  • Cleaning the stone using a cloth (included in delivery) is highly recommended, to polish the item from oils and fingerprints.

*** Our stones are precious and semi-precious stones of the best AAAA quality.
*** Our pearls are cultured pearls that grow naturally in designated AAAA quality ponds.

The guide to cleaning gold jewelry
Gold jewelry is very popular, and considered a high quality piece of jewelry. However, even a luxury gold piece of jewelry can get dirty or lose its shine, therefore it's recommended to know how to frequently clean it in order to maintain the item long term.

Gold jewelry has a financial value and in most cases also a great emotional value. That is why it is important to maintain them over the years with periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Properties of gold:  
The gold is a durable and strong raw material that is not affected by its environment, does not rust or tarnish and shows a high resistance to corrosion as well. However, despite its great strength and durability, you need to know how to preserve it over the years and this becomes even more important when it comes to gold jewelry.

Whether the jewelry has been abandoned in it's box or whether it is a beloved piece of jewelry that has been overused, gold jewelry will require loving care. There are various methods to return the sparkle to a beloved piece of jewelry, or alternatively to return a crown to its former glory to a piece of jewelry that has not been used.

Pure gold is 24 karat gold, we in Livni use 14 karat gold. This means is that the gold is mixed with other metals - an alloy - in order to increase the durability and hardness of the gold. You can see a 14 carat stamp on our jewelry that shows the value of the gold and confirms that you bought real, high quality gold that was tested at the Standards Institute.

If you wear your jewelry regularly, it means that they are exposed to body oils, dust, dirt, makeup, etc., so regular cleaning is necessary. There are special materials for cleaning gold jewelry, and all these materials can do the job and protect your gold. You can also clean gold jewelry with materials you have at home.

How do you clean gold according to the color of the gold?
Gold is divided into three types - yellow, white and red gold, according to the type of metal that was mixed with the gold. You should know that yellow gold is considered hypoallergenic gold and requires less maintenance than the other two types. White gold is gold that is often mixed with nickel, and its advantage is that it is more resistant to scratches than the classic yellow gold.

The rose gold is mixed with copper, creating special shades of gold. Because it is made with copper, it is considered extremely durable, so chances are high that it will last longer (but still needs regular cleaning and maintenance).

So how do you do it?

  •  First you have to mix dish soap with warm water, add a few drops of ammonia.
  • Clean the jewelry using a tiny toothbrush intended for babies. If you are serious, you can soak the jewelry in the mixture for several hours, and only                                                       then clean it.
  • In the next step, soak the jewelry in lukewarm water for washing.
  • The last step is to place the jewelry on a clean towel and wait until it dries.

* It is important to remember that gold is a soft material, so you have to be very gentle in the brushing and drying process. At the end of the process, you will receive a clean and shiny piece of jewelry, just like new!

Gold jewelry that incorporates diamonds or other gems:
How to clean gold jewelry set with precious stones such as gems or diamonds? So as far as diamonds are concerned, there is nothing to worry about and can be cleaned in the same way we have already presented.

On the other hand, if it is about colored gemstones, the type of gemstone must be taken into account.

Some of the natural gemstones require different treatment as well as the pearls also require different treatment.

Therefore, in such cases it is recommended to consult a certified diamond/jeweler in the store. If you just need a quick clean before a certain event and don't have time for a professional cleaning, forego the use of ammonia and instead soak the jewelry in water with dish soap - this should be fine for most gemstones but not for pearls.

How to clean gold professionally:
If you want a professional, comprehensive and gentle cleaning that fits exactly the type of jewelry you have, you can always go to a diamond or jeweler for professional cleaning. It is recommended to do this once a year, in order to maintain the gold over time.

A professional knows exactly which process to clean the jewelry according to the specific type of gold, the level of purity, the embedded gems, etc, and will also check the jewelry and see that there is no other damage.

Take care of your jewelry!

As long as you take care of your jewelry in everyday life, clean them frequently and take them once a year for professional cleaning, you will extend their life significantly and also keep them bright and shiny!


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