About us

Head the Livni label is the long time lead designer Tuvia Livni - the recent link in a long chain of designers originating by his great-grandfather.

Livni produces a variety of jewelry for women following an experience of 143 years of research and design. The passion and knowledge passed from generation to generation led the International family brand we have today. The extensive experience gained is reflected in unique designs that stand out in every piece of jewelry.

Tuvia's first started designing in his early teens, and today, he is recognized by his colleagues as one of the most talented designers in the European market.

"I make the jewelry carefully and professionally with an emphasis on innovation, design, quality and comfort. I get my inspiration for jewelry from everything that exists around me, whether it is from architectural structures to the smallest accessory that exists like a belt buckle. I am a fourth generation of jewelers and you can see all my knowledge and heart in my products. I work with the most advanced equipment and technology from Italy combined with handwork and all the semi-precious stones are from Brazil and India from first source, so that I can produce excellent products at very affordable prices."

The Livni site offers a variety of jewelry for women at fair prices.  When you visit our site, you will notice a large selection of jewelry designed in gold and our unique gemstones.

We believe that the customer is an integral part of the planning and design of the product and we have no doubt that you will find the right piece of jewelry that will bring you luxury, comfort and quality.