Gems Meaning

Gems Meaning

Each gemstone has a unique identity card that includes it's texture, transparency, polishing, meaning, energy, and astrological effect on a person.

Below is the meaning of the different stones we offer:



Pink Spinel stone - known as the stone of peace, as it has a calming effect and is therefore excellent for meditation, yoga and guided imagery. It helps renew and re-stimulate the energies in the body and is considered one of the more positiv stones.



Sherry Spinel stone - The stone of peace, has a calming effect and is, therefore, excellent for meditation, yoga and guided imagery. It help renew and re-stimulate the energies in the body and is considered one of the more positive stones. It provides energy and instills hope, it helps to overcome difficulties, obstacles and difficult situations.



The Grant stone - Garnet's virtues are courage, creativity and self confidence, it promotes abundance, prosperity and success in business. Stimulates motivation, neutralizes fears and shyness, strengthens sexual energies, increases imagination. Attracts love and promotes communication.                               

Grant is the birthstone of January. 


The Amethyst stone - assists one to develop patience, provides a sense of security, tranquility and inner peace. Is known to strengthen courage, intuition, and creativity. Helps neutralize headaches, excessive fatigue, and exhaustion. In addition, it helps in detoxing from various addictions.                                     

Amethyst is the birthstone of February.



The Emerald stone - is a spiritual, physical, and chemical healer as well as a mental purifier. Relieves stress, encourages loyalty, and increases expressiveness. In ancient Egypt the Emerald symbolized fertility and rebirth.       

Emerald is the birthstone of May.



The Emerald spinel stone - its energy is related to emotional issues, increases a person's compassion, mercy, generosity and good- natured ness in relation to others. Balances relationships of all kinds.                                                               

Emerald is the birthstone of May as well.


pearl - For thousands of years, pearls had great value because of their rarity. The pearl gives life, beauty, wholeness, wisdom, and perfection, helps with digestion and stomach problems, and is relaxing for the immune system and mental stress.                                                                                                                       

Pearl is the birthstone of June.


Ruby stone - the stone of fertility: enhances fertility, it is a stimulating stone assisting with physical, emotional, and mental balance. Good for relationships and financial stability.                                                                                               

Ruby is the birthstone of July.


Ruby Spinel stone - cleans, invigorates and energizes the physical body. helps him recharge with renewed strength. Good when you experience fatigue for any reason: advancing age or illness.                                                                             

Ruby is the birthstone of July as well.


The Peridot stone - has the ability to add vitality to the body and i recommended for people suffering from insecurity, and impatience. It helps to reduce the tensions in the body and is even able to bring us to an emotional balance. The peridot stone is known to strengthen and cleanse the body from the inside and encourages physical healing. For people who suffer from poor energy flow or external and/or internal negative energies, peridot gives a positive and optimistic feeling.                                                                                                                      

Peridot is the birthstone of August.


The Sapphire stone - considered the gem of the soul. Its blue color is reminiscent of the color of the sky and represents the purity of the soul, the stone helps to clear negative thoughts and helps to calm difficult and turbulent feelings of anger and jealousy. It is the stone of destiny.                                                      

Sapphire is the birthstone of September.


The Smoky stone - helps to ground, very good to accompany detoxification processes from various addictions. Connects to self-love and helps a person come to terms with his body, heart, life and world. Recommended for those with high ideals and ambitions, who are unable to implement things in the physical world, it will strengthen their drive to fulfill their dreams.                                         

Smoky is the birthstone of September as well.


The Blue Topaz stone - assists one to develop confidence, overcome fear, strengthen communication skills, and increase creativity. Helps soothe stomach issues and relax.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone of November.


The Citrine stone - known and famous mainly as the "stone of fortune" ,suitable for people who want to maintain financial abundance, physical health, and family unity. Encourages self-confidence and helps our inner self to connect to abundance. Like the energy of the sun, the citrine stone is warm, soothing, and revitalizing. It benefits the urinary tract and kidneys.                                               

Citrine is the birthstone of November as well.

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